“Neil is great: he’s super responsive, listens deeply to what we need and has a fistful of musical ideas ready, fast. We can’t wait to work with him again.”

-Bob Sacha, documentary film director


“Neil has been a pleasure to work with. He's been great at taking direction and providing revisions based on our feedback, and has produced excellent work with a consistently positive attitude. Our game has some unusual musical needs, and he's risen to the challenge brilliantly.”

-Josh Raab, lead designer at Studio Wumpus & Studio Mercato


“There have been a few times over the past several years where I needed some assistance with miscellaneous jobs while working on a tight deadline.  Neil was of great help and got the job done quickly and efficiently!"

-Andrew Prahlow, freelance composer


“Working with Neil Quillen was an absolute delight. He's constantly positive, even under pressure, and is very receptive to feedback/revisions. I often felt that I asked more of him than I thought would be possible, but he always came through, and often surpassed my expectations. He's got a spectacular range from classical to more modern music styles, and his easy-going nature makes him a delight to work with.”

-Trevor Taylor, Game Director for King Basil’s Quest


“It was a privilege to work with Neil on music for my film. He was very professional, responded well and quickly to critique, and was overall an excellent collaborator. His score was inventive and perfect for my work; I would undoubtedly work with him again.”

- Melanie Cuccioli, animator and director

     Hi! I’m Neil Quillen, a composer with a passion for games, films, and all forms of media. I’m a versatile composer with a melodic ear and an approach that focuses on developing a vivid world of sound.

     My music has been featured in games such as Ninja Tag (a selection for the PAX 10), Sumer (an NYU incubator project), and King Basil’s Quest (a USC student project). My experience in film includes a score for the Pulitzer Prize winning documentarian Bob Sacha, as well as music for Gobhoblin Pictures’ Roll Four web series. I have also scored the Live Source Collective’s film adaptation of Bohemian Lights (the first adaptation in English), and played guitar for the live stage production. In addition to my work as a composer, I have worked as an assistant orchestrator for Nickelodeon’s Legend of Korra series.

     As a graduate of the Scoring for Film and Multimedia masters program at NYU Steinhardt, I have a wealth of experience writing for live musicians and preparing music for recording sessions. I thoroughly enjoy communicating with an ensemble or a soloist and crafting the perfect sound together. My time at NYU also gave me ample opportunities to meet and collaborate with student directors and game designers. I learned how to bounce ideas back and forth constructively, and how to discuss music without using overly technical language.

     I received my Bachelor of Arts degree at Luther College, where I was the recipient of a Luther College Collaborative Research Grant for my proposal on film scoring. I maintain a strong connection to the music department there, and often talk to Luther students who are interested in composing music for media.

     I have had the privilege of studying under composers Brooke Joyce, Michael Patterson, Ira Newborn, and Rich Shemaria, and have worked with performers such as David Weiss and the Brentano String Quartet. I also had the immense pleasure of collaborating with composer Brent Hengeveld on the score for King Basil’s Quest.

     I am utterly fascinated by the perspectives and challenges that the world of interactive media provides for music. I strive to incorporate elements of adaptive and procedural music design in my work, as I did in my score for the game Nebulous. I have extensive experience with FMOD Studio and have used it for multiple projects both as a tool for demonstration and implementation.

Have any questions? Looking for a composer to score your project? Just want to say hello? Send me an email!