Ninja Tag

Ninja Tag is a fast-paced stealth action game, where four ninjas are tossed into an arena to duke it out for top ninja. The game features tall grass and smoke bombs, swords and crossbows, and demands lightning-fast reflexes of any would-be top ninja. The score for Ninja Tag was all about enhancing the drama and spectacle of the intense ninja-to-ninja combat with high energy music and copious traditional Japanese instruments. Ninja Tag was developed by Leandro Ribiero, and was selected for the 2015 NYU Game Center Incubator and the 2015 PAX 10.

While the project has stopped development and won’t be released, I put together an EP of the music I wrote for the game, available on my Bandcamp.

Below is a video example of what the gameplay of Ninja Tag looks like (featuring an older version of one of the tracks above).